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  • SAP Gala Day

    The next Gala day will be at Goulburn on the 16th March with the first game kicking off at 9.30 am. The complex is called Cockbundoon and is located on Racecourse Drive Goulburn opposite the Racecourse. There will be a BBQ, canteen and a coffee truck at the facility. Most take picnic lunches.

    Each team will play a minimum of 3 matches, there are also other spare fields if we decide to do some training sessions. I will forward the program once it’s been finalised.

    SAP Players should also download the “Home Training Program” (HTP SAP) sheet for all of the SAP kids, they should fill them out detailing what football sessions that they have done. Also include any club activities and any other training that they participate in. eg, swimming carnivals, cross country etc.

    Each player should show their coach their program every fortnight and they will be provided with appropriate feedback.


    CDM Riverina

  • SAP U9 and U10 Squads Announced

    SAP UNDER 9’s
    Beth Huxley
    Zarel Jasnos
    Riley Gatto
    William Piva
    Reuben Donadel
    Pasquale Agresta
    Jordan Piva
    Kayla Curran
    Kaide Castle
    Jordan Demarco
    Christain Cavallero
    Mason Rosengreen
    Ryan Garcia
    Luca Piva

    SAP UNDER 10’S
    Luca Vecchio
    Omar Moursi
    Troy Landini
    Ethan Andreazza
    Ayden Bonaccorsi
    Mason Donadel
    Christopher Zappala
    Damon Reginato
    Antonio Demarco
    Jordan Bastianon
    Xavier Serafin
    Alex Capaldi
    Fred Agostino

    Congratulations to all who trailed and where successful in there selection. Can all selected players please visit Corinne from B&D Workwear to arrange there new kit for the 2014 season at a cost of $50 per player, payment made directly to B&D Workwear. New uniforms need to be ordered so if we can have these completed no later then the 25th of Feb.

    Payment of the $300 to be made once we start training to the coaches. Payments to be made out to the Griffith & District Soccer Association.

    Training will be conducted on a Monday Night at Ted Scobie Oval from 6pm to 7.30pm. The first training session to start next week being the 24th of Feb.

    Mathew Curran