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FFA supports the continuous professional development of all active match officials. The Australian Officiating Development Schedule (AODS) outlines the training programs and classifications of referees, referee assessors and referee instructors [or coaches].

All training programs except the two Laws of the Game certificate courses are accredited under the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS).

FFA programs are the only officially approved courses for Australian match officials. They are available to all Member Federations and their FFA-recognised referee organisations.

Graduates of FFA Referee, Assessor and Instructor courses receive a certificate and accreditation at that level for a maximum of 4 years.
For example if accreditation is gained on 20 March 2011 then the accreditation expires on 31 December 2014.
Active officials who wish to renew their accreditation need to meet specified minimum requirements during the period of their accreditation.
FFA has documented these requirements in the AODS and these specify the range of hours of refereeing, assessing and instructing and other activities including on-field assessments and Laws of the Game examinations that need to be undertaken. Click here for the section of the AODS detailing accreditation renewal.

There are five Referee classifications and programs. These are spit into two streams – Grassroots and Advanced – with all referees commencing with the Laws of the Game course.

The Grassroots stream for outdoor referees are the Laws of the Game, Level 4 Junior and Level 3 Adult Referee courses.
The Grassroots stream for Futsal referees are the Futsal Laws of the Game and Futsal Level 3 Adult Referee courses.
The Laws of the Game certificate programs provides a basic introduction to the laws of football/Futsal. Once you complete this course you can join a FFA-recognised referee organisation and undertake the next level of accreditation.

The Advanced stream provides advanced development for referees wishing to officiate in senior and elite competitions.
If you are a Level 3 Adult referee you can apply to attend a Level 2 Senior Referee course. From there you can continue your development by applying to attend a Level 1 Elite Referee course.

There are three FFA Referee Assessor classifications. [Note that these replace the former Inspector classifications.]
Each program is designed to develop the abilities of assessors to provide coach referees at the various levels of Football.

The Level 3 Community Assessor program is aimed at people coaching referees of local junior, youth and adult football.
The Level 2 Adult Assessor program is aimed at people coaching referees of higher levels of junior, youth and adult football.
The Level 1 Elite Assessor is for Assessors who wish to coach match officials at all levels including senior and elite football.

The FFA Referee Instructor classifications are Level 3 Community and Level 2 Senior.
The programs are designed to provide accredited instructors to undertake the development of match officials working at all levels of Football including presenting FFA courses.
The Level 3 Community program is designed to give coaches the tools and support to conduct grassroots referee courses at Branch/Regional/Association/Zone level.
The Level 2 Senior program is designed to enhance the abilities of football Instructors to assist in the development of match officials at all levels.


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