Regional Youth League Announcement

Dear All,

I am please to announce the following changes to the Regional Youth League Structure and SAP Program that was announced by Football NSW this week.

Youth League

  • Under 16s to move back into the Youth Football Structure
  • U12 age group to become part of SAP from 2016 onwards
  • HAL Academies (Sydney FC and WSW) to be required to enter NPL Youth League teams in FNSW competitions on exactly the same conditions as all other participating clubs, including no direct entry into National Youth Championships.
  • NPL Youth (Tier 1) will be a combined competition made up of the 12 NPL1 Senior clubs, 12 NPL2 Senior clubs and the 2 HAL clubs Youth Academies making 26 clubs
  • State League 1 clubs (to be part of NPL3 competition) are required to field teams in Youth League U13 – U16 in 2016
  • In addition to the 12 NPL#3 clubs, regional branches will have the option to participate in Tier 2 youth competition.
  • FNSW Institute Program for Boys will cease on entry of the HAL Clubs into the FNSW Youth Competitions
  • Regional Conference Youth to be retained (as an Association only, bi-weekly competition) and to include U16 to align with the NPL structure
  • There is to be no promotion or relegation between any tiers of Youth competitions based on Youth League playing results. There will however be promotion and relegation between Tier 1 and Tier 2 NPL Youth (1 up and 1 down) based upon the Senior Club Championship of NPL 2 and NPL 3.
  • There will be no relegation of any clubs participating in Youth League in Tier 2.
  • Any State League Senior Club promoted to NPL 3 will be required to field Youth League teams.
  • There is to be no Championship/Finals series in Youth League, although competition tables will still be kept and there may be a “Crossover” series at the end of the initial phase of competition to maximize number of games per season.

SAP Program

  • Age groups in SAP to increase to include the Under 12 age group which is to become part of SAP from 2016 onwards with the same structure and number of players as the U11’s.
  • In selecting SAP licensees, FNSW will take into account the quality of the existing program, the extent to which the club’s existing programs satisfy eligibility criteria and the respective geographical location of applicants and endeavour to ensure an even spread of elite development opportunities.
  • New HAL Academies/Clubs (Sydney FC and WSW) will not be eligible to participate in SAP.

Our Rep Structure in 2016 will consist of:

  • U9 SAP
  • U10 SAP
  • U11 SAP
  • U12 SAP
  • U13 Riverina Rhinos
  • U14 Riverina Rhinos
  • U15 Riverina Rhinos
  • U16 Riverina Rhinos

Thanks for your support, this is a fantastic win for the Griffith Association and Riverina Rhinos as it now gives us 8 years of Rep Football in Griffith.


Matt Curran
GDAFA President

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