Dear All,

Due to the condition of the bottom fields at Ted Scobie, I just meet with Council and it is decided to close this bottom field completely.

Therefore age Groups 8’s & 9’s will be called of effective immediately. Please advise all your coaches and players or the same.

All Competitive Age Groups and also the U10’s will still be played as per the draw.

We are now just working to see if the U6’s & U7’s can be relocated to a field similar to what we did last week and have a designated field to cover all games for these two age groups.

I will advise once I receive this information.

I am not a weather man, but is shows me a top of 16 tomorrow and full sun.


We will also continue with the U6’s and U7’s which will be located now on the top tier of the oval.

We will construct 4 small fields to make it work so the kids can have a game.

PS will check the weather in the morning and make a call if the sun doesn’t appear.


Matt Curran

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