Coaching Advanced Licence Reaccreditation

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FFA Advanced Coaching Licences are valid (accredited) for four consecutive years. During this four year period, coaches are required to gain 100 points of “Continued Professional Development” to have their licence revalidated for a further four years.

If at the end of the four-year accreditation period the coach has not accumulated the required number of points or attended the next level of Advanced licence, their current Advanced licence will no longer be valid and the coach will then be considered to have no current accreditation. If a licence is not currently valid, the coach can regain their accredited status by completing 100 points of “Continued Professional Development”. As soon as 100 points have been gained, a coach’s licence will be deemed to be valid.

As per AFC regulations, coaches have one year from the date their license expires to revalidate their license. If the coach does not gain the required 100 points within one year of expiry, they will no longer hold their license and will be required to complete the course again.

A coach may attend eight (8) workshops which will equate to fifty (50) points towards their licence revalidation. The value below is an indication of how the eight workshops accrue the 50 points; however, a coach will only gain these points once attending 8 workshops (or the equivalent value of workshops).

FFA Coach Education - Advanced Licence Reaccreditation-6

FFA Coach Education – Advanced Licence Reaccreditation

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