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  • SAP Trial Update

    Griffith SAP trials have been CANCELLED due to the condition of the fields after the rain.

    Trials will now be held on Sunday 10th & 17th December at Collins Oval. Registration from 8:30am

    U9’s & 10’s – 9am to 10:30am

    U11’s, U12’s & U12 Girls – 10am to 11:30am.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.
    Hi Guys
    SAP trials has been postponed tomorrow due to the heavy rain fall and the fields are water logged.

  • SAP Teams for 2017 Announced

    We would like to announce the 2017 SAP teams as follows;

    Under 9’s

    Coaches: Simon Codemo & Paul Ellis

    • Cooper Savage
    • Cruz Morrissey
    • Orlando Guidolin
    • Ashton Menegazzo
    • Kobe Ellis
    • Isiah Emery
    • Taylor Serafin
    • Christian Northeast
    • Nicholas Codemo
    • Jai Kenny
    • Jack Johns
    • Ryan Calabria

    Under 10’s

    Coaches: Ivano Donadel & Ross Patane

    • Luca Piva
    • Stefan Donadel
    • William Debortoli
    • Jonah DeRossi
    • Dane Oconner
    • Aaron Dawson
    • Christian Callcut
    • Jack Beltrame
    • Kaleb Serafin
    • Sebastian Patane
    • Alexander Forlico
    • James Dalbroi
    • Johan Martinello
    • Spencer Shayler

    Under 11’s

    Coaches: Laurence Reginato,  Jason Valensisi & David Bastianon

    • Jake Fattore
    • Blake Patten
    • Mitchell Patten
    • Joe Pastro
    • Blake Sartor
    • Myles Guidolin
    • Samuel DalBroi
    • Caleb Reginato
    • Bailey Morrisey
    • Pearson Kasawaya
    • Luca Valensisi
    • Luke Bastianon
    • Rahul Giran
    • Samuel Foggiato
    • Daniel Armanini
    • Ryan Puntoriero

    Under  12 Boys

    Coaches: Chris Piva & Jacob Donadel

    • Blake Millis
    • Benjamin O’Connor
    • Dean Armanini
    • Domenic Nardi
    • Angus Papasidero
    • Rocco Sergi
    • Christian Codemo
    • Jordan Piva
    • Reuben Donadel
    • William Piva
    • Kaide Castle
    • Henry Lacey
    • Luca Salvestro
    • Jamie Favero

    Under  12 Girls

    Coaches: Patrick Sergi & Robert Cavallaro

    • Ashley Robinson
    • Breanna Twigg
    • Zoe Sergi
    • Charlie Lamont
    • Isabella Sartor
    • Elizabeth Sergi
    • Bethany Piva
    • Katelin Pattison
    • Elizabeth Romeo
    • Stella Mallamace
    • Arnika Jasnos
    • Lilly Beltrame
    • Sahara Moon
    • Isabella Cavallaro
    • Julia Burge

    Please note- training will commence Monday 30th January 2017. Training will be held at Hanwood Oval at 5:30pm to 7pm.
    Please be advised that the first gala day is being held in Goulburn on Sunday 12th February for all age groups.
    More details will follow at the first training night.  Other  Gala dates for 2017 are still being finalised.

    For those not selected this year please remember that selecting the team is a very hard decision, one that the coaches do not take lightly, we would like to encourage you to come  back next year to trial again.
    Should any of the players selected not be able to commit we will refer back to the list of players who trialled.

    Thank you to all who attended the trial days.

    Chris Piva 

  • SAP Trial Process Information

    Griffith and District Football Association wish to advise that the trials for the


    Will be held over 3 days

    Sunday 4th, 11th & 18th December 2016

    For the following age groups
    Boys & Girls U9’S, U10’S, U11’S
    Boys U12’S & Girls U12’s.

    Trials will be held at Ted Scobie Oval, Griffith

    Registration from 8:30am.

    Training for U9’s & U10’s commences at 9am to 10:30am
    Training for U11’s & U12’s commences at 10am to 11:30am

    Please bring boots, shin pads and a ball.

    All players must be registered in a local club team for 2017 competition.

    There will be one team selected per age group.

    • Season dates:    Runs from approx. February to August 2017
    • Training nights: Once selected, training will be every Monday night. (some coaches may wish to add an extra night of training before some carnivals.)
    • Cost: Once selected, registration costs are between $300 to $400 (depending if you need the uniform) and due by end of February
    • Travel: Being part of the team may involve travelling to Wagga, Albury, Goulbourn, Sydney & Canberra to play against other SAP teams.

    We hope to compete in at least 4 Gala days and hold 1 Gala day here in Griffith

    Dates for Gala days are still being confirmed. As soon as we know more we’ll let you know asap.

    We are also registered in the Kanga cup tournament for all age groups.  This runs for one week during the July holidays.

    Under 12 Boys & U12 Girls participate in the Branch titles and if successful they go onto play Country Cup.

    For more information call Chris Piva on 0412 774 472

  • Draft Football in Griffith Plan

    Hi All,

    For many years Griffith Football has revolved in a continuous cycle of ups and downs on both a domestic and representative construct within the game.

    More apparent now than in more recent time exists an opportunity for the footballing community to embrace change in the structures of the code to provide a sustainable platform for domestic football for years to come. With change comes pain, but also with change an avenue for development and opportunity can be created.

    Successful change can only be beneficial if all participants come together to head towards a common goal on a platform that is received and implemented in its entirety. A common goal that can be reached, if we all walk a common path, towards the betterment of the game.

    This document is presented as a draft and requires scrutiny by all clubs, players and bodies involved with the game. It has been drafted to provide a foundation that can be developed, modified and adopted by all with broader input and is merely a starting point to improve discussions around the facilitation of the game and growth of our competition and opportunities.

    It is a document that however does include important information about the problems and decisions as an entire sporting group that need to be made now and also will continue to develop to ensure that a lot of hard work and achievements have not been done for the code to complete and exit in the revolving door that has historically been.

    The document will provide information in relation to the current operation of Football in Griffith now and how it could look in the future.

    We thank you for your time in considering where your ultimate direction and involvement for the game will be either as a club, club representative, player or administrative body.

    Draft Football Plan for GDAFA

    Angelo Cirillo

  • 2016 Sap Update and Squad Announcements

    In order to make a fair assessment and due to the increased number of players that trailed, we would like to invite all players back for a further trial on Monday 8th Feb. 5.30-7pm at Hanwood Oval.

    Congratulations to the following players for being selected for the 2016 U10s Griffith SAP squad….

    • Caleh Reginato
    • Julian Puntoriero
    • Lachlan Ryan
    • Ryan Puntoriero
    • Luca Belardo
    • Mitchell Patten
    • Blake Patten
    • Luke Bastianon
    • Bailey Morrissey
    • Jake Fattore
    • Luca Valensisi
    • Rahul Giran
    • Jai Menegazzo
    • Samuel Dalbroi
    • Sebastian Schmetzer
    • Noah Kirkman
    • Brock Crossingham
    • Nicholas Minato
    • Mason Salvestro
    • Alex Minato
    • Blake Sartor
    • Koby Beaumont-Clark
    • Luke Cannon
    • Pearson Kasawayu

    As more information becomes available your team manager will be in touch..
    Kind regards, GDAFA

    Congratulations to the following players for being selected for the 2016 U11s Griffith SAP squad.

    • Blake Millis
    • Domenic Nardi
    • Benjamin O’Conner
    • Angus Papasidero
    • Jordan Piva
    • Luca Salvestro
    • Henry Lacey
    • Seth Baran
    • Dean Armanini
    • William Piva
    • Reuben Donadel
    • Rocco Sergi
    • Michael Curleo
    • Luke Demamiel
    • Jamie Favero
    • Jarrod Signor
    • Kaide Castle
    • Ryan Garcia
    • Zarek Jasnos
    • Ethan Smart
    • Riley Gatto
    • Kyle Jamieson
    • Lachlan Upcroft
    • Christian Cavallaro
    • Benjamin Fattore

    As more information becomes available your team manager will be in touch..
    Kind regards, GDAFA

    U12 Boys
    Congratulations to the following players for being selected for the 2016 U12s Griffith SAP squad

    • Heath Crossingham
    • Lewis Murphy
    • Xavier Serafin
    • Bret Sibanda
    • Micheal Singh
    • Damon Reginato
    • Jordan Bastianon
    • Mason Donadel
    • Tristan Wallace
    • Troy Landini
    • Aydan Bonaccorsi
    • Chaise Donnetto
    • Ethan Donnetto
    • Luca Vecchio

    Congratulations on your child for making the U/12 team. If you require a new uniform please go to B&D in the next 2 days, as the U12s have a game against Cooma an Sat 20th of Feb and another on the Sunday in Canberra. Once we have all the information we will pass it on.. Training starts Monday at Hanwood, please be there at 5.15pm sharp. If you want to bring your own ball, make sure name is on it.

    Kind Regards, GDAFA

    U12 Girls
    Congratulations to the following players for being selected for the 2016 U12s Griffith SAP squad

    • Bethani Castle
    • Claudia Torresan
    • Antoinette Galluzzo
    • Charlie Lamont
    • Beth Huxley
    • Bethany Piva
    • Jamiee Martinello
    • Elizabeth Sergi
    • Sahara Moon
    • Ash Robinson
    • Katelin Patterson
    • Zoe Sergi

    Planning is underway for gala days, with the possibility of trips to Wagga, Albury, Sydney, Canberra and Goulburn throughout the season
    As more information on becomes available your team manager will be in touch..

    Kind regards, GDAFA